Types of Employees in an Organization!

As time changes, so do the type of people working in our organization. They will keep coming and keep leaving, but the bottom line is, people will always be there in the organization. Knowing the traits of these people will not only help you to relate to them more effectively, but you can also tackle them easily. If you have any leadership responsibilities over them, this knowledge will help you to relate to them more empathetically.

So, broadly we classify people into 6 main categories. They are:


They are the ones who want their job to set them free & make a difference to the world.They feel that a good job is the one which allows them to use their talents to the fullest and make a difference around, rather than the job which pays them more!

Fulfillment seekers are the people who are generally married and satisfied with their job. you’ll find them in the professions such as Teachers, Nurses, and Public Defenders.


They are the type of people who want to do something big in their life. A majority of ‘High Achievers’ say that they followed a career plan since a young age. They are generally the people with high incomes, and on an average, they earn more than $75,000 per quarter. They are the leaders, and you’ll find them in the professions such as lawyers, surgeons.


They are the people who are least satisfied with their jobs, and most of them will a Job only, not a full career. They have low incomes, approximately $30,000 per quarter, half of them only have a school diploma and less than 1 out of 5 have a full college degree.


They are more like than bank robbers. They go where the money is. Members of this group are willing to take risks for money, and where they see have a good opportunity for success. They are the people who’re fairly well educated and have good incomes.


They are the people who generally do not go anywhere. They are loyal and prefer in the same company and seek promotions and success in the same company for a long period of time. They prefer stable income and have high chances of financial success.


They are the people who live in the cubical. They prefer the jobs which provide them with good benefits. Basically, they are the people who seek stability and wish for success, but are not actually willing to work hard!

So these were the 6 categories of people in any organization. Learning more about them will give the manager a higher chance of managing them!

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