Things To Know Before Travelling To Israel

Israel is a small country but undoubtedly it is extremely rich in culture and history. With Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon as neighbors on the south, east and north, Israel has a beautiful coastline on its west. Being a part of the holy land, Israel has lots to offer to the travelers.
Apart from the variety of places to visit, Israel has a variety of people who are welcoming and warm.

Israel is a developed country and the corporate sector of this country is also developing at a fast pace making it an extremely good country for working and earning.

All the countries have some things which everyone should know about before visiting them. So,
here are some things that everyone who is planning to travelling to Israel should be aware of beforehand:


Israelis are the very warm and welcoming people. To make strangers and newcomers comfortable, Israelis throw lost of parties and social events like dinner and tea parties. So be ready to get lots of invites in case you are planning to go to Israel. Shabbat Dinners (Friday evening dinner) are extremely common.


The biggest barrier and hiccup when we go to a foreign land is the change in language. While the three common languages used in Israel are Hebrew, Modern Standard Arabic, and Arabic, nearly 85% people of Israel understand and speak English. And don’t worry, locals always help the foreigners if they get stuck somewhere.


The working days in Israel are different than the rest of the world. Their week starts from Sunday. The working days are till Thursday and Friday and Saturday are is a weekend. The public transportation closes on weekends when the Shabbat (Jewish evening) arrives. Also, many businesses are closed on weekends. And in religious areas, everything shuts on the arrival of the weekend.


The local currency of Israel is The New Israeli Shekel (NIS) and it is equal to 28 cents USD.
It is always suggested to carry some cash as it gets more convenient to transact when shopping at local stores and using public transportation.


The public transportation of the country is quite efficient. Railway systems and bus services are good and reasonable. There are services of shared taxis called Monit sheruts which runs between cities and drops the passengers at the major stops like bus station railway center. These taxis have a sitting of 10 passengers and are yellow and white colored vans.

There is also no Uber in Israel. Their cab service provider is Gett. It is same as Uber. you need to download the app and avail the services.


The nightlife of Israel shouldn’t be missed. Tel Aviv has an amazing nightlife. In Fact, there are more places to visit in Tel Aviv at night than in the day. With the endless number of bars and cafes and clubs with a brilliant ambiance, you’ll surely want to get lost in the city.


Israelis love coffee. It has so many varieties of coffee to offer. There are coffee shops and cafes everywhere in this country. If you are not a coffee lover then Israel will make you one. Ness(miracle) coffee with milk and Turkish Mud coffee are famous flavors that everyone who visits Israel must try.


Smoking is very common in Israel. There are hardly any places other than public transportation, holy places, and closed shopping centers, where you won’t find people having cigarettes in their hands. Open markets, public places, cafes, restaurants, and clubs, there is no ban on smoking anywhere.


Israeli cuisine is one of the most famous ones in the world. And the food is Extremely scrumptious. The restaurant food, the street food, everything in Israel tastes and smell amazing. The very famous falafel and the hummus are must tries. There are various other dishes like Shakshouka, Sabich, Malawach, etc are also must-tries. Pair your food with the amazing wines available in this country. Wines are also a famous attraction for the travelers in Israel.


Israel is not at all cheap. In fact, it’s rates will surprise you. The average rate of beer is $10. The groceries are also expensive. The hotel rooms also cost $130 on an average. The street food ranges between $6-$12. So this is the only not so good thing about Israel.

So, these are the things that everyone who visits Israel or is planning to settle in Israel must be aware of.

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