New Immigrants Free Co-Working Space, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv a Hub For New Immigrants For Free Co-working Space

People run their business successfully producing biblically inspired date syrup, original street mosaic art made from broken pottery, ceramics and glass.

Migrants come to Israel believing it to be their new country. Over the last four to five years migrants have come to Israel with the idea of doing their own thing rather than working for someone else. These days they all conduct their business out of co-working space in Tel Aviv. They offer newcomers a convenient place to work with free coffee and minimal distraction.

Nefesh B’Nefesh runs a non-profit agency that assists immigrants from North America and Britain. They run free shared workspace. They provide desk, high-speed internet, printer and all other necessities. Above all, it provides social camaraderie and professional support network, which is craved by most of the immigrants to Israel.
They open up 5 days a week and has about 160 registered users, with about 20 passing through on a typical day. It is just a statics of a single hub, think about the whole country. Immigrants are having a lavishing life in Israel. There they have a happy hour on Thursday, a month Shabbat dinner and special events ranging from yoga night to lectures about Israel.

Many artists turned drab, graffiti-covered walls in Tel Aviv into vibrant work of art that many tourists admire and click photos with them. Mosaic artists have formed their own business by bargaining for tiles, dishes and mirrors, which they later break and use it as an element in their variegated mosaics. An ORTHODOX synagogue in North Tel Aviv is popular with English-speaking immigrants. They work outdoors but most of the time is spent indoor – applying for grants, maintaining her website and promoting their workshops.

There is a program called “Nefesh B’Nefesh” have opened with an idea of opening a relaxed co-working space in Tel Aviv. They take the younger generation, professional olim and give them a place for socially and professional network. Where everyone sits together and feel as if they are developing professionally. It is a genius idea which is used as a launching pad to help olim succeed in their life in Israel.

Aliyah was made by Finkel, a Wharton School graduate, in July 2013 on a Nefesh B’Nefesh chartered by the Israeli soldiers released from the captive in Gaza for years. That later turned out to be a business in organic date syrup. It is centred in California from Tel Aviv.

Immigrants are now are least wanted due to security reason. But Israel has welcomed immigrants with warm arms. They help them get socially involved and build their business. A lot of people are living their social life in peace and working together in a free environment with Israeli. There are many programs that you can indulge yourself in and earn your daily expenses.

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