rise of coworking spaces in israel

The Rise Of Co-Working Spaces Israel

The new age working concept which is coworking has taken over Israel. entrepreneurs, organizations, individuals are realizing that they can work in specialized, dynamic and suitable works settings instead of working from home or in a garage or in isolation. This not only helps in more idea generations but also helps them in building more and more business connections at a price which is very flexible.

Earlier leaders used to rent apartments in downtown, Tel Aviv or even go for existing spaces of offices of legal firms in Ramat Hachayal. The main problem earlier was the hesitation of shelling out money for affording a proper place for sitting and working and also there weren’t enough affordable cool workplaces for setting up.

But now Israel has got enough of attention from real estate players like Mindspace and WeWork, who are utilizing every opportunity and taking over entire buildings at major locations to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs by multiplying coworking spaces which are best in class and also affordable.

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Location is the most important thing to be considered while setting up an office space. Coworking spaces are facing this problem of solving the necessity of a place to sit and also where this place should be.
Mindspace, the first classic shared office of Israel has occupied prime locations for its two buildings, one is at mid of Rothschild Blvd and the other is situated in the old building stock exchange, Tel Aviv. By being at these locations, Mindspace is able to be at the center of everything which happens in startup and business scenes in Tel Aviv. Various other coworking spaces are also being build and are built in suburban areas for the communities there.

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Young entrepreneurs require constant mentorship and motivation to start and continue working. And one of the benefits of coworking spaces is that you get constant motivation and mentoring from people working around.
SOSA TLV which is in downtown, Tel Aviv provides regular space lectures from experts of different industries and this is a big help for startup leaders as they learn and gain lots of knowledge.


New businesses which are getting established are constantly looking for cost-saving measures and synergies for their organizations. Companies that provide, legal counseling, designers, copywriters, and other necessary services establish themselves in coworking spaces. This way lots of mediating costs gets canceled which would have been charged if these services were outside the workspace. The workspaces in Israel are particularly taking care of creating a dynamic workspace.


WMN, a coworking space which is situated in TLV port is a workspace only for women and it takes care of all their needs. This makes the notion of women empowerment more strong. Similarly, SUBS is a new coworking space located in Beit Shemesh is inviting entrepreneurs from outside of Tel Aviv.
This approach of targeting a specific community of the society is aimed at more development of these communities in the future considering their potential.


Coworking space in Tel Aviv in attracting lots of new investors who are interested in funding the new startups which are setting their workplaces there. Mindspace has many investment houses which fund various startups there. Similar is the case with SOSA. This happens to be a great opportunity for investment houses as they value the young entrepreneurs and their talents and aim at earning great revenues through them and also the entrepreneurs don’t have to even leave the building and get necessary funds they require from these investor houses.

Considering these scenarios in Israel, the concept of coworking will grow bigger and better in coming time. With the growing hike in costs of establishing separate workspaces, coworking spaces are coming as the best way out to have a larger space along with all utilities and amenities. This concept as lots and lots of benefits and it will be interesting to learn whether big companies will ever think of adopting this concept or not. And if they will then how will it change the scenario of the coworking spaces.

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