Benefits of Using Headphones on Co-Working Space

Impact Of Headphones On Co-Working Communities

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace. It is a social gathering of people who work for different organizations but who share values and are interested in collaborating and creating with the people around.

Unlike a corporate job environment, coworking spaces have really different kind of environment. It is very easy to get distracted in coworking spaces. Some people may be chatty whereas some people may be conducting a conference call. Some people can adjust themselves in such kind of environment whereas for some other people it can be really distracting.

In this kind of situation, the main thing that comes at the rescue is headphones. From facilitating focus to blocking out the background noise, headphones have become the walls of shared workspaces. It really helps workers during tasks that require intense concentration and focus. Listening to soothing music while working helps to relax and focus which can eventually increase productivity too.

According to research, it is a proven fact that employees tend to lose 28% of their productive time due to interruptions and distractions at work. So, the classic solution is to work with a pair of headphones or earphones.

But as we know that everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. On the one side, headphones can be really helpful in increasing concentration and focus while working. But on the other side excessive usage of headphones can adversely affect productivity.

When you are working at such a happening and creative place, isolating yourself from the people around is not going to help you. It’s all about collaborating, creating and connecting. If you are just sticking to your desk with headphones on, there is a high chance of missing opportunities.

There is a chance that some like-minded people are planning to start a business for which you would be perfect. But you are just busy with your headphones. It will be a huge loss in terms of career development and productivity.

So asked if headphones have a negative impact on coworking communities. It’s definitely not, as we all have our own way of working. It’s just that we should know our limit of using headphones. Always remember “Excess of everything is bad.”

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