How Safe Is Tel Aviv, Israel To Travel?

We all are pretty aware of this fact that the reputation of Israel as a winter sun destination is under threat. This is because of the US President Donald Trump’s statement, about changing the capital of Israel. The tension is region have heightened soon after when Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He even announced that he is planning to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the largest city in the country irrespective of the fact that all the 86 other embassies in the country are sited in Tel Aviv only – the 2nd most populous city, the finance & tech hub of Tel Aviv.

The government of the country Israel has heartily welcomed Trump’s decision, while the Palestinian leaders consider it the violation of the International rules and regulations. They trust, this decision would harm the peace in the area, and could trigger social unrest & protests on the streets of the cities!

The Question Is – Is It Safe?

After the announcements, there were large public demonstrations planned in the entire West Bank. It also included places such as Bethlehem, Old Jerusalem City & Ramallah. All these protests and unrest is expected to continue over the coming days, which is why the tourists should avoid these areas as it may include violent clashed!

The Foreign Office advises states that the security in Israel & the neighboring but occupied Palestinian Territories can be a little tense, fluctuating & unpredictable. They also advise the tourists to stay alert, updated with the local media and ann the travel-related reports.

Already many violent incidents have occurred on public transport in Jerusalem. Hence, it is advisable that the tourists should avoid using buses and the Light Rail, and remain vigilant in the stations. It is highly important that you should take proper care in the public transports in Tel Aviv.

Who Can All Travel To Israel?

In March 2017, the government of the country passed a law, which states that they have the authority of stop the entry of the foreigners in their country who have called for a boycott publically or belong to any organization who has done the same.

The British people of the Palestinian origin will need a Palestinian passport to travel, and if you are a British person with Palestinian name or place of birth, but with no ID number, you may land yourself in trouble.

Children born to Israel mother or father are considered Israeli nationals, and they can travel freely without any issues

On some conditions, the Email accounts or the social media accounts of some people are also checked as the condition of entry.

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