Popular Traditional Festivals that are celebrated in Israel

If you really want to party and have a good time. You should think about visiting Israel. Israel hosts a range of festivals all year-round.

Tel Aviv which is the capital of Israel was ranked as the third-best city in the world by The Lonely Planet travel guide. Lonely Planet refers to it as “a modern sin city by the sea.” With festivities going around for the whole year the city has something for everyone under its canopy. You can find any activity from art to music, beach culture to nightlife to suit every whim, mood or state of mind in the city that never stops.

Here, are some of the popular traditional festivals in Israel than you can look forward to –


It happens during the spring season with the festival of Shavuot, usually in May. It is a celebration of five days at Negev desert where thousands of people take part in a themed week of communal creativity, art and radical self-expression.

The Israel Festival-

It was founded in 1961 and occurs usually in the month of May. During this festival, you will witness some international tradition with a cornucopia of stage art, theatre performances, contemporary dance and classical music.

Purim Street Party-

Purim is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in Israel. It is celebrated far beyond its original religious roots. Purim parties take place across Israel in almost every city, town and village in the country. Purim is also one of the biggest nights of the year at clubs in the country. With so much going on, and so much colour in the amazing costumes that can be seen, Purim in Israel is a fascinating time to be in the country.

Tel Aviv Pride Week-LGBT

It usually occurs in the month of June. It is the most colourful time in Israel. It is a week full of fun events and parties which culminate in a show-stopping pride parade attended by many eagerly to celebrate love, diversity and freedom.

Tel Aviv White Night (Laila Lavan)-

This festival occurs in the month of June-July. White Night promises to be a night you’ll never forget. The city’s iconic museums, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, are open and free to the public all night long, bars and restaurants stay open late and offer special menus.

Red Sea Jazz Festival-

It occurs twice a year in the month of February and August. You can listen to the hottest, most authentic jazz music under the desert’s starry sky.

But, Israel is also a land in conflict with its neighbours. It is constantly in conflict within the area of Damascus Gate. While enjoying the festival, don’t wonder it that area.

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