Co-work Spaces Vs Traditional Offices

Co-Working Vs Traditional Offices – Which is Better?

Co-working spaces have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. During 2016, demand for such spaces tripled as compared to 2014. Co-working spaces are expected to cross 1.5 million sq. ft in 2017 and is expected to touch 10 million sq.ft by 2020. Coworking has changed the entire definition of a corporate job. People who used to work at traditional offices are now attracted towards the new trend that is working in coworking spaces.

So, what’s the difference between running your business from a traditional office or from a coworking space? Is it beneficial for your productivity? Let’s take a deeper dive into the differences between coworking spaces and traditional offices.

Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace. Unlike in the traditional office, coworking spaces are usually not employed by the same organization. It typically attracts those people who work from home. They can be either freelancer, independent scientists, or people who travel frequently.

Working from a traditional office can be extremely monotonous as you have to complete your nine working hours daily. In some offices, completing working hours is more important than your productivity. It gives a feeling of being imprisoned. Who doesn’t want to get out of these offices?

Well, coworking spaces are the solution to this. In coworking spaces, there is no restriction of completing your working hours. Your productivity matters more. It doesn’t matter whether you are working for nine hours or just two hours. At the end of the day, it’s your work that matters.

The research has already proved that an average worker can be productive for just 2 hours 53 minutes out of 8 hours.

Coworking spaces typically have varying membership levels depending upon the type of office setting for which you and your team prefers such as a private office or a shared workplace. If you are the owner of your company, you have to pay for internet, cleaning, electricity etc. So, we can say that coworking spaces provide financial scalability.  

financial scalability

When we work from a traditional office, we usually start thinking linearly. But when we work in such a happening environment like coworking spaces, we meet new people and share ideas with each other. Coworking is all about collaborated, create and connect. If you are working for a company, then coworking can really motivate you. As you are surrounded by really focused people.

Coworking spaces are way better than the traditional offices. Find out spaces for co-working in Tel Aviv. Their demand will increase tremendously in the coming years. After knowing the differences, when are you convincing your boss to shift to a coworking space?

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