Are Big Companies Moving into Coworking Space?

Would you believe that big companies are moving towards coworking space? Why would they do that? Don’t they have their own offices spaces? If they are big or giant companies can’t they own their own space? If they can’t, how come we call them big companies? What benefits do they get by moving to coworking […]

History And Growth Of Co-Working Spaces

Coworking, as we all know, is like a revolution in the work culture of the world. Today, more and more coworking spaces are getting developed. The number of coworking spaces available around the world has reached to 13,800. This clearly explains how much acceptance this style of working is receiving globally and how popular it […]

Why Join A Co-Working Space

Take A Giant Leap In Your Career- Why Join A Co-Working Space

Daniel Cohen completed his graduation last year. His friends got offer letters from reputed companies and started working there. Daniel neither joined any company nor did he want to get a job. The reason? He wanted freedom and was just not a big fan of 9 to 5 curriculum. To him, working remotely sounded much […]