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Tel Aviv And Cities Around It | CoWork Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second most populated area located on the country’s Mediterranean coastline, It is the financial and technology hub of the country. It is small as in area but packet with culture, history and vibrant nightlife. Its priorities include basking in the sun, finding the best espresso, and partying all night long. Cities […]

New Immigrants Free Co-Working Space, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv a Hub For New Immigrants For Free Co-working Space

People run their business successfully producing biblically inspired date syrup, original street mosaic art made from broken pottery, ceramics and glass. Migrants come to Israel believing it to be their new country. Over the last four to five years migrants have come to Israel with the idea of doing their own thing rather than working […]

Lessons From Tel Aviv For Being A Smart City

If you are an expat who is thinking of moving to Israel for work then you should definitely opt for Tel Aviv as the place to live and work in. This largest city of Israel will leave you shocked with the opportunities you’ll get here for a job and startups. The work culture of Tel […]

Things To Know Before Travelling To Israel

Israel is a small country but undoubtedly it is extremely rich in culture and history. With Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon as neighbors on the south, east and north, Israel has a beautiful coastline on its west. Being a part of the holy land, Israel has lots to offer to the travelers. Apart from […]

rise of coworking spaces in israel

The Rise Of Co-Working Spaces Israel

The new age working concept which is coworking has taken over Israel. entrepreneurs, organizations, individuals are realizing that they can work in specialized, dynamic and suitable works settings instead of working from home or in a garage or in isolation. This not only helps in more idea generations but also helps them in building more […]

How Safe Is Tel Aviv, Israel To Travel?

We all are pretty aware of this fact that the reputation of Israel as a winter sun destination is under threat. This is because of the US President Donald Trump’s statement, about changing the capital of Israel. The tension is region have heightened soon after when Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He even […]

Flexible Workspace for Growing Business

 Coworking is not a secret anymore. In large cities, big companies are following the footsteps of freelancers, it’s a shift that’s happening all around the world. Many freelancers are collaborating with each other in a coworking space which is one of the many ways that freelancers can enhance their success. These shared spaces are […]