Are Big Companies Moving into Coworking Space?

Would you believe that big companies are moving towards coworking space? Why would they do that? Don’t they have their own offices spaces? If they are big or giant companies can’t they own their own space? If they can’t, how come we call them big companies? What benefits do they get by moving to coworking […]

Flexible Workspace for Growing Business

 Coworking is not a secret anymore. In large cities, big companies are following the footsteps of freelancers, it’s a shift that’s happening all around the world. Many freelancers are collaborating with each other in a coworking space which is one of the many ways that freelancers can enhance their success. These shared spaces are […]

10 Ways to Be a Better Digital Nomad

10 Ways To Be A Better Digital Nomad In 2019

Digital nomads are people who are location independent. They use telecommunication technologies to earn their living or to conduct their lives in a nomadic manner. Thanks to the huge advancement in technology, the digital nomadic lifestyle is growing by leaps and bounds. But the question is how do you successfully maintain a balance between professional […]