Are Big Companies Moving into Coworking Space?

Would you believe that big companies are moving towards coworking space?

Why would they do that? Don’t they have their own offices spaces? If they are big or giant companies can’t they own their own space? If they can’t, how come we call them big companies? What benefits do they get by moving to coworking space?

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Few years ago, nobody had heard about coworking spaces. As it started,  coworking spaces began opening up to offer affordable office space solutions to startups and freelancers. Recently, much larger tech firms have been jumping in. As a result, big media and tech giants have been moving employees to coworking and incubator spaces. These spaces are set up so that they now have better access to innovators, innovations, talent, and reduced real estate costs.

Would it be surprising if tech giants such as Verizon, IBM and Microsoft get into testing coworking spaces to be near innovative startups? No matter what they are into, but If you are a small company looking for to get noticed, these places would be best to make connections.

One trend which is definitely coming out of coworking spaces is that companies are integrating incubators into their business development strategies. With coworking spaces, they are able to cater and keep people who are launching startups. By forming partnerships with coworking spaces, corporates are making it easier for themselves to stay on top of technological innovations and top talent. The sole reason for big companies to get into coworking spaces is that they get to keep an ear to the ground when it comes to potential disruptions in their industry, and they get to track potential acquisition targets.

Renting space in coworking spaces can help them check all the packages like attract top talent, keep a check the competition, and find acquisition targets. What are other benefits that you think they get by getting into co-working spaces?

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