10 Must-Visit Place In Tel Aviv, Israel

10 Must-Visit Place In Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is Israel’s second most populated area located on the country’s Mediterranean coastline, It is the financial and technology hub of the country. It is small as in area but packet with culture, history and vibrant nightlife. It’s priorities include basking in the sun, finding the best espresso, and partying all night long.

Here are the top places of your interest, whether it is architecture or the beach, these are the 10 must-visit place in Tel Aviv, Israel:

rabin square

1. Rabin Square:

It is the most famous plaza in Israel, a key point in Tel Aviv and a must-visit site. It has a town hall where you can find the memorial for Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister who was assassinated during a pro-peace rally.

Jaffa Old city and Port

2. Jaffa Old city and Port:

It is among the oldest port cities in the world and maze of stores and cafes that spill over into jaffa’s flea market. Head to the port for some fresh fish, or enjoy the Twelve signs

Tel Aviv Museum

3. Tel Aviv Museum:

It is White City’s biggest museum, home to an impressive collection of local and international artwork. You will find it in a beautiful large plaza full of sculptures and is right next door to an even more impressive plaza, which is also a home to Israel’s largest theatre and main opera house. The museum has recently opened a new wing, so it’s worth checking out the surrounding area too.

must-visit place in tel aviv

4. Nightlife at the Great Synagogue:

Home to the original Teder, which has since turned into the Port Said restaurant. It is a hot spot for nightlife surrounding the Great Synagogue on Allenby Street. It’s great to just show up in this area and see where the evening takes you. There are few bars around the historical structure, and all of them are great.

White City walking tour:

5. White City walking tour:

Most of the UNESCO-recognised “White City” homes are in central Tel Aviv.They were brought to Israel by German Jews and embraced by local designers.

Bauhaus Center

6. Bauhaus Center:

Tel Aviv is world famous for its unique collection of Bauhaus architecture. To learn more about the Bauhaus movement, head to the Bauhaus Center where you can buy mementoes, take organized tours and just bask in the style’s pristine glory.

Bialik House

7. Bialik House:

It was the home of Israel’s national poet named Hayim Nahman Bialik for a short time. It’s a gem, both for its form and its content, so make sure to visit inside as well.

Beit Hair

8. Beit Hair:

Just across the street in Tel Aviv’s first town hall. It is a beautiful structure on a semi-secret square with a fountain that is quintessentially Tel Aviv.

Gay Pride Parade

9. Gay Pride Parade:

Tel Aviv has become the Middle East’s LGBTQ capital, It is a city-wide event. People of all orientations and genders are always welcome to join the party.

Park Hayarkon

10. Park Hayarkon:

It is the biggest park there which runs east to west along the Yarkon river. It also has a small petting zoo as well as ample space for picnics and bike rides. You would find boat’s that could be rented and try to paddle upstream, but don’t go too far as you’ll hit open sea soon enough or do find it but in a chartered Yacht.

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